12 VANQUISH 4000


Model 2012 VANQUISH 4000
Gear Ratio 5.2
Bearings 12/1
Maximum Drag Power (kg) 11
Recommended Line Capacity PE (No./m) PE 1/500

PE 1.5/320

PE 2/210

Weight (g) 240


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Vanquish offers innovative feather like weight-less operations, especially the little inertia in cranking. It is mainly achieved by the magnum light rotor made of CI4+ carbon material. Its ultra light weight rotor accelerates fast, and allows you vivid rig manipulations as well as high sensitivity while retrieving. Specifically designed AR-C light spool reduces weight from moving parts. X-SHIP gear system removes frictions and improves efficiencies of gears. Its new magnesium alloy body offers rigidity in cranking.



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